Vitamin Shots

Why vitamin shots?

Vitamin shots, also known as intramuscular injections, are used to deliver vitamins deep into the muscles. This allows it to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

$25 each

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A combination of methionine, inositol, choline, and B12. This injection is an enhanced formula for fat-burning that may boost energy and assist with weight loss.


A combination of methionine, inositol, choline, thiamine, L-Carnitine and dexpanthenol. This injection is an enhanced formula that may boost fat-burning and energy and aid in weight loss.

B12 as Methylcobalamin

The activated form of B12 has been shown to improve energy and sleep and strengthen the immune and blood system.


Great for hair, skin and nails. Shown to reduce hair loss, improve acne and eczema, increase metabolism and weight loss and improves blood glucose regulation.

BCAA (Isoleucine, Leucine, Valine)

Branch chain amino acids enhance mitochondrial metabolism for increased energy, cardiac performance and antioxidant effects.

Co-Enzyme Q10

Naturally occurring antioxidant that is essential for energy production and protects the body from disease.

Vitamin D3

Normally, your body gets Vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is important for mood, bone strength, immune function and metabolism.

Most people don’t realize the impact excellent nutrition can have on our overall mood and productivity.

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